The Sultan's Favorite - Georges Jules Victor Clairin - French ,1843 - 1919

The Sultan's Favorite 
Georges Jules Victor Clairin - French ,1843 - 1919 
Oil on Canvas , 81.3 by 65.7 cm

Pierre Auguste Renoir - French, 1841–1919 - Marie-Thérèse Durand-Ruel Sewing ,1882

 Marie-Thérèse Durand-Ruel Sewing, 1882
By Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French, 1841–1919), 

Oil on canvas, 64.9 x 54 cm. © Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA

Visit to the Farm By Emile Charles Dameron - French, 1848-1908

Visit to the Farm 1870
Emile Charles Dameron - French, 1848-1908
Oil on canvas 65,5 x 92,5 cm  


Eugene-Louis Lami (French, 1800-1890) - Concert in the Gallerie des Guise at Chateau d’Eu [1844]


Concert in the Gallerie des Guise at Chateau d’Eu [1844] 


Eugene-Louis Lami (French, 1800-1890)

Chateau de Versailles - Oil on canvas, 83 x 172 cm

Diana and Cupid 1761 by Pompeo Batoni (Italian, Lucca 1708–1787 Rome)

Diana and Cupid 1761 
by Pompeo Batoni (Italian, Lucca 1708–1787 Rome)
Oil on canvas , 124,5 x 172,7cm
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The picture was painted for Sir Humphrey Morice (1723–1785), son of a wealthy merchant and director of the Bank of England. Morice was a great animal lover and commissioned from Batoni a portrait of himself reclining in the Roman countryside after the hunt as a pendant to this picture, which shows the goddess of the hunt withholding the bow from Cupid. The picture was considered the finest Batoni had ever painted. The figure of Diana is based on the celebrated ancient statue of the sleeping Ariadne in the Vatican, which Batoni has invested with extraordinary warmth and feeling.
Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Robert G. Harris - American illustrator , 1911- 2007

 Jackie Gleason & His Orchestra -Theme from the Cardinal - 1964

Robert G. Harris biography

Robert George Harris was born September 9, 1911 in Kansas City, Missouri. His parents were Lena M. Harris and Harry G. Harris. The father was a salesman for Ladies Millinery in Kansas City. They had two children, Robert, and a younger sister, Virginia. They lived at 34 East Fifty-Fourth Street

Robert Harris studied at the Kansas City Art Institute since the age of fourteen, and in 1929 he studied under the tutelage of Monte Crews. Emery Clarke, John Falter, and Richard Lyon were also art students there at the same time

 In 1933 he left Kansas City and drove a motorcycle all the way to New York City. He opened an art studio in New Rochelle at 560 Main Street. He shared the space with John Falter, Emery Clarke, and Richard Lyon. Charles LaSalle, John Scott, and Graves Gladney were also neighbors. He studied with Harvey Dunn at the Grand Central School of Art and with George Bridgman at the Art Students League


His first published assignments were story illustrations for Street & Smith'sWestern Story. He went on to paint covers for Complete Stories, Double Action Western, Doc Savage, Pete Rice Western, Thrilling Adventures, Western Round-Up, Western Story, and Wild West Weekly

In 1935 he married Marjorie Elenora King, who had also been a student at the Kansas City Art Institute. In 1939 they moved to Larchmont, NY, where their son Craig was born. Then in 1941 they moved to Westport, CT, where their daughter Marcia was later born

In 1937 he was signed by American Artists Agency, which helped him to move up from the pulps to illustrating slick magazines. He worked for Cosmopolitan,Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, Liberty, McCall's, Redbook,and The Saturday Evening Post

During WWII he volunteered to join the USO Artists For Freedom Project, which was organized by the NY Society of Illustrators to bring together over 200 artists to draw thousands of portrait sketches of wounded servicemen recuperating in military hospitals. Harris visited hospitals in New York, Connecticut, Virginia, and North Carolina

After the war he continued to paint for the slick magazines, He also worked in advertising for Coca-Cola, Cannon Sheets and other brand-name accounts

In 1953 he moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, and continued to work as an illustrator until 1961, when he began to concentrate on a new career as a portrait artist

  In 1970 he moved to Carefree, Arizona, and continued to paint important portrait commissions until his retirement in 1989

Robert Harris died at age of 96 on December 23, 2007

La folie et les Jeux enfantins BY Hyppolite Dominique Berteaux , French , 1843-1928

 La folie et les Jeux enfantins  

Hyppolite Dominique Berteaux , French , 1843-1928

Antonio Torres Fuster , Spanish ,1874-1945 - Gypsy Woman

Gypsy Woman 
Antonio Torres Fuster , Spanish ,1874-1945

Georges Jules Victor Clairin - On The Balcony

Georges Jules Victor Clairin - On The Balcony
Oil on canvas 
Georges Jules Victor Clairin (b Paris, 11 Sept 1843; d Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Morbihan, 2 Sept 1919). French painter. In 1861 he entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he studied with François Picot and Isidore Pils. He sent the first of many contributions to the Salon in 1866, an Episode of a Conscript of 1813 (untraced). By 1868 he had joined the painter Henri Regnault in a visit to Spain, where he was evidently impressed by Moorish architecture and influenced by the Spanish Orientalist painter Mariano Fortuny y Marsal; Clairin’s Volunteers of Liberty: Episode from the Spanish Revolution (untraced) was exhibited at the Salon of 1869. From Spain, Clairin and Regnault travelled to Tangier, where Clairin made a close study of local costume and constructed a house and studio in partnership with Regnault.